Having a plan in place to help you respond to a disaster could help your business survive while others have to close their doors. Many businesses do not reopen after a disaster. There are simple steps that you can take to make things easier to recover after a fire or water damage loss.

  • Review your insurance policy with your agent to make sure you have coverage not only for damages, but also for any costs related to business interruption.
  • Make sure all your safety equipment is in place (fire extinguishers, alarm systems, emergency lighting, etc.) and that it’s inspected and tested regularly.
  • Inspect all areas of your business and assess its vulnerability to water. Water is an important factor in disasters, whether from roof damage, fire suppression, plumbing failures, or earth tremors, even when the damage originates on a higher floor.  Nothing but durable equipment and furniture should be stored directly on the floor. Make sure important files and papers are put away. Paper records are instant casualties. Desk and table tops are vulnerable to water from sprinklers or runoff from higher floors as well as smoke and heat damage.
  • Take photos of each room in your business, save them to a CD or cloud storage, and print hard copies. Keep one set with you and one at an offsite location.  This gives you a digital inventory of the major contents in your business and what they looked like prior to damage.
  • Protect vital business records. You should stored in file cabinets that are fire-resistant your most valuable paper documents . Digital files and data should be backed up on a regular schedule and stored online or at a secure offsite location.
  • If there is advance warning of impending problems, charge cell phones, laptops, etc. in case you’re without electricity for a few days.

Call for Professional Help

If a disaster affect your business, remember to call for professional help to get your home back to live-in condition. DRT Restoration works closely with most insurance agencies for home disaster claims.