During and after a disaster like a hurricane, you should prevent leave wastewater in the septic system of your home, this would damage the environment, as well as people and animals. The appropriate response our Restoration Team could provide varies according to the type of disaster and the type of treatment unit you have.

In the case of flood, we can separate this into two different scenarios because of the different process we follow to mitigate the damage. In all case, we recommend calling damage restoration specialists to ensure proper restoration.

During a flood:

  • If the system is powered by electricity, cut the power electrical circuit of the main circuit board.
  • Stop the water from entering the system.
  • Cover all floor drains in the home to prevent water from entering the house.

After the flood:

  • Do not use the wastewater treatment system until water in the flood has left the system.
  • Check there are no signs of damage to the system.
  • If the components have water from the flood, contact us to see if the system has sediment or debris.
  • Do not attempt to empty the tanks below the normal level operation since the terrain is saturated by the flood.
  • The tanks tend to float and this could damage the system pipes or even make the tanks float and go out to the surface.

Call for Professional Help

If a disaster affects your home or business, remember to call for professional help to get your home back to live-in condition. DRT Restoration works closely with most insurance agencies for home disaster claims.